Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Orangeasm Season Begins Tonight

A new season of orangeasm begins tonight.

Don't sleep on Wednesday night.
(Event Though it's Actually Thursday).
Tune in, Bliss Out, w/ Brick
12am thru 7 am, Orangeasm
or 90.1 on your FM Dial

In addition to being the an original signee at the Senenca falls convention, and the greatest Roller Disco comedian that ever lived, Sammy Franco, aka brick is the eleventh greatest audio collagist & sonic scrapbooker that never lost his virginity.

Orangeasm is so killer they call it the tugboat, it sounds like a fat metal rumbling under the ocean piloted by a drunk Kyrgyzstan man doing 80s karaoke.
Orangeasm is so killer, you gonna ask for it as yo' ringtone.
Orangeasm is so killer, its not allowed back to the Vagina Monologues
Orangeasm is so killer, white people be like... well that was rather esoteric.
Orangeasm is so killer, asian people be like... GOJIRA!!!!

Orangeasm is the worst show on the radio. The DJ is a troglodyte Trotskyist sycophant, with very little respect for the 19th Amendment. At least he saves lemurs.

Orangeasm consists of bullshit boring drone tapes, wife jokes, thousands of looped lock grooves, playing the radio show over the air on delay, bliss out wombs and transient static bursts of transmitter apocalypse with vague cyberpunk Corey Hart love affairs.

3 turntables, 2 CDJs, 1 cassette deck, a mic, a mac, and a bunch of pubic service announcements all get touched every ten minutes or so.

Instructions for Listening:
Dress in all orange, light a nag champa, ear your soma, grab a breast (of fried chicken), lie motionless in bathtub full of bacon grease for six hours, jump in pile of epsom salts, tune in.

If Prank Call 650-723-9010 from your devilmachine, you'll get on the air. Non-prank callers and get Secret Prizes.

For Fans of The Pittsburgh Pirates, Emphysema for Emphasis, Bill Cuevas, Quaaludes, Victorian Literature, Tyrannicide, and Buffalo Chips.

Here's what the critics are saying:

"A tremendous aural circle jerk of music not-music and Bernie Madoff 9/11 Conspiracy Theories."
-Jeffrey Lyons, Film Critic

"His wife... what a card!"
Rodney Dangerfield's Corpse

"He gives you in length, what he lacks in depth."
-Louis A. Safian, Handwriting Analyst

"When the wages of sin are paid, he'll get time and a half for overtime."
-Dante, Author, not Clerk

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