Monday, November 9, 2009

Pittsburgh Pirates ~ Balking LOOGY'S

We invite all of the human race to the Brooklyn Bridge to all hold hands together... and then Jump off.

Pittsburgh Pirates~ Balking LOOGYs aka. the Brooklyn Bridge Show

This is stands out as perhaps the greatest show aired on KZSU in 2009.

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LOOGY is baseball lingo for Lefty One Out Guy.
Like Ray King.

Pittsbrugh Pirates Present Balking LOOGys. A 3 hour loop, endorsing suicide to cure 19 straight losing seasons.

Balking LOOGYs is the worst show ever recorded, with the Pirates at the height of their collaborative radio genius. I laughed at loud at least nine times. The centrepiece is a 2+ hour loop telling you to kill yourself.

Complete with Brooklyn Bridge Corpses, Shaving Cream, Thick Murk, Gamelan Drone slurp, static, unnerving Mic Banter, Vanilla Dome, Opera, Fuzz, Once I was Canadian heckling, and jack and the box being closed even though its open for 24, + Announcements

There are so many sources in this show that we had to use two studios at some points, which looked something like this on the mixing board:

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