Friday, November 6, 2009

Month of Heavy Orangeasms


Suspend Your Disbelief.

A Month of Radio has passed in this Autumn Season. In honour of this, I, Brick, present, a cornucopia of easily downloadable Orangaesm archives to celebrate this occasion.

37 Hours of Noise, Wife Jokes, Tape Warbles, Purple Rain, Rollerdisco, Crushing Low Ends, Stand Up, Bleepy Bloops, Feedback, Death to the State Manifestoes, Distortion Destruction, Thrift Store Cassettes, & Standards.

Even milkmen in Milipitas ride the tiger at 90.1 fm each & every Thursday Morning/Wednesday Night from 12a-7a. Late nite radio lovers from the Uighur's in Xianjian to the orphan hepcats in Magnetogursk, Soviet Union have been streaming at

Without further ado, the last sonic month in Orangeasm History, at your fingertips, aching to lick your hammer, anvil, and staples.

10/8~ Orangeasm: Nocturnal Omissions

Hypnotic disembodied bleepy bloop splooge of a show that slays on the low end late at night, and is all about The Price is Right Greatest Hits moments around 1am. Better than the nut you can get from an erotic dream with your sister if you don't have a sister.

An Approximate Playlist

10/15~ ComedyGasm (w/ Vahe Hovak, Chris Schiappacasse, & Jesse Elias)- 0000-0300 + Bonus Orangeasm 0300-0700

The dumbest open mic stan up comedy legends of the East Bay have a a big old christmas ham of a time. Blue jokes. Makes you dumber. This, plus a bonus mystery 4 hour, exclusively psych noise only Orangeasm as the b side.

10/22~ Orangeasm: Music for Autoerotic Asphyxiation

Sci Fi Space Static to turn your lips purple, once the belt is released from your neck if you give me the safety word in sign language. Disgustingly great broadcast of sci-fi fuzz and cowboy drone, interspersed with bashouts to give you the grainy, just got my brain unstarved from oxygen feeling.

An Approximate Playlist

10/27~ 8 dollar bohemian café fufu orange latte-gasm

Classic roller disco space lounge party w/ a binge on a baker's dozen Go-Gurt. Only 2 hours, subbing for Decca! During the daytime!?

An Approximate Playlist

Download Here

10/29 Orangeasm: Buffalo Chips Challenge

Windswept western buffalo chip odor music. Starts w/Chips challenge overproduced electronic nightmare into heavvvvvy Chimney Rock overdose of wonder tonic and Jazz Pioneer Ballads. Killer.

11/5 Orangeasm w/ Somebody's Wife

Live Ukelele Performance around 6 in the morning by Tiare (Somebody's Wife), & Snoop Dogg Ticket Giveaway, after 4+ hours of heavy isolationist, expansive, and mindblowing sonic manipulation.

An Approximate Playlist

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