Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Hear Ye HEar Ye

Hey, You.

I will book you for the Orangeasm. Looking in particular for late night drift bands, accordion virtuosos, bullshit boring drone bands, professional fishermen, radio dramaticists, non musicians, wierdo gunk, sea shanty experts, whistling champions, power electronicisists, synthpop in bikinis, juggling acts, tape bands, frank sinatra cover outfits, and such. Oh, and roller derby, anything roller derby goes, boss.

Orangeasm is 12-7am thursday morning radio on 90.1fm with an international audience in parts of the former Soviet Union and occasional prank callers. Its at KZSU in Stanford, CA, a classic radio station, a dinosaur. Strange audience, too.

Air time.
Send me an email:

SamuelRaphael at GMAIL

Let me know what you do.

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