Sunday, February 21, 2010

Hella Bootleg Orangeasm CDr's

All of these classic gems are available via barter for your pleasure, send me an email if you want the hard copies or a mediafire.

BAKU SPEAKS – Kremit the Horn’s schizoid uncle Baku provides microvinyl birdcalls & the throatiest and most eloquent conspiracy theories aired to date.

THE BROOKLYN BRIDGE SHOW- “We invite all the human race to the brooklyn bridge to all join hands, and then jump off.”

MONORTAIL TRESPASSGASM- Live performances from lape scene legends Cloaked Light, Pale Blue Sky, Pedestian Deposit, Mirror to Mirror, Infinite Body, & Earn. The bliss out jackpot.

ORGANGASM- Self-Explanatory Organ Orgy

QUAALUDE DISCO- Ain’t nothin’ deeper than Barry White 45s at 33.

RADIOBENDER- The expected result 50 hours of no sleep, closing a nine hour show... Billy Fucking Idol

WIRED SHUT- Show immediately following hospitalization for split skull, the radio speaks w/ performance enhancing drugs

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