Wednesday, April 1, 2009


This is the First Post on the Orangeasm Blog.

Snakes have no arms that's why they can't wear vests.
If sharks were weapons, war would cost more.
Having a fin for a hand is like having a spoon instead of a fork.

I have a comedy show Monday Nite (4/6/09) at the Cafe Du Nord in SF, Check it out if you dig watching psychotic people with microphones and enjoy watching numerous comedians fail. Should be a great show.

Thursday Nite might well be one of the best nights in radio history.

Listen in to the NCAA Magic the Gathering Championshi, from 6-8 pm. Great radio. is on after that, he kills.

I'll be doing a show as the Pittsburgh Pirates later that nite, 12-3am, followed by Emphysema for Emphasis from 3-9 am. Wow. Epic Legend.

Also opening day for the Pittsburgh Pirates will be celebrated 3 fuckin hours of Take Me out to the Ballgame from 3-6am.

You can catch it all at HTTP://KZSULIVE.STANFORD.EDU


  1. Can't believe you put a link to meatspin... That stuff is great, especially the bikini tan of the guy riding.

  2. is that lady gaga up there on the dock?