Friday, July 17, 2009

Comic Orangeasm of Noise Dreams

If you've got a quarter of a day to spare, or a few minutes, the 7/16 Orangeasm was for legends.

Come out of the gate with Alma Mahler's sex disco, and run with it til its not disco, then not music. Devloution wihtout playing Devo.

Thank goodness for the sustained tone branch of experimental music, and the tropics, and performance enhancing artifacts.

There's a live comedy set that starts around 0045

Tibetan Nunnery PSA to Stand Up Comedy Beginning:

The Comedy Continues:

Anyways then it gets turned over to Rodney Dangerfield, and more original SRF comedy gets broadcasted.

Some of the tastier tape noise highlights, sedated as fuck in a sweaty tapenoise tropical ghosthouse.

HNY Unnerves:

What radio should sound like at 4:45 am

Get The Whole Damn Show Here:

Killer, if you dig the comedy, I'll be doing a show live on the 29th of July at the Purple Onion for the Bay Area Laugh Leader Competition. Ace, killer.

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